Collect joint experience

Early in May we were vistied by a Schullandheim (extended school). This proves --> ! Driving Go-Kart is not only fun, but also a suggestive leisure time activity ! Our electronic time measurement tables got the fastest driver, girls and boys separately. It was a great excitement.


May 2007

Almost 60 people, children and grown ups drove an impressive race.

Bevor anybody can start, he is again checked to comply the security regulations.

The electronic time measurement tables detected the personal minimum time and that way the winner.

Convince your teacher of a pedagogic valuable experience gained by a jointly Go-Kart-race. Reasons? Here: --> train social behavior, learn and practise consideration and tolerance, get to know our limits, acept roules, overcome fear, experience your teacher as part of the community (take on him :)
Of cause you have to put this into your own words and arguments, else you will make yourself conspicuous !

Also companies are very well suitable for this community experience. Latter arguments are vaild in modified form - including fun. We will also come to you. Visit us. Conditions are adjusted to place and duration of the event. Just call, ask, act.

Karts from Michael Schumacher
Since the beginning of August you drive on original karts from Schumacher's kart track ...

Go-Kart !

Formel 1 calender

Know where and when the races take place - 2007's dates extra for you ...

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