New Carts   from Schumacher’s racetrack!!!

You’ve been driving Sodi carts at our race track for years, which are the best. Now, Michael Schumacher is buying Sodi carts for his own racetrack. And WE bought them from him six months later. A whole fleet for you; 6 carts. Feel like Schumi on one of the new Sodi/Schumi carts.

Drop by and feel like Michael Schumacher.

SODI RX7 200 cc carts

The SODI RX7 "the future". The newest and most innovative carts from SODIKART.

The SODI RX7, a very special model with these qualities: Safety, Stability, Ergonomically Designed, Aesthetic, Comfortable Driving.

The SODI RX7 with many innovative technical solutions. 1) A patented all around protection system, which really reduces the impact of the hard hits. 2) Spoilers with crush zone, which is operates hand in hand with the side bumper system. 3) Steering columns with full suspension, which combine both driving comfort and precision. 4) Patented adjustable pedals combine with an ergonomically designed floor to guarantee the most ideal and safest driving position.

It’s special design give the RX7 a very refined and sporty appearance.

Driving the Sodi RX7 is an unforgettable experience for anyone.

Technical Data:
  • Frame:
    D32 specialty steel dual pipe frame
  • Drive:
    Triple suspension D30 rear axle
    gear belt
  • Brakes:
    Hydraulic automotive brakes
    Automatically adjustable
    Anti Brake/Gas System
    Drilled brake disks
    LED brake light
  • Steering:
    Two-part steering column with a fully suspended shaft
  • Pedals:
    Centrally adjustable pedal system (length & height), SODI PATENT
  • All around protection:
    Complete protection on all sides
    Front: Spoiler with crush zone
    Sides: two-part system, working with the front spoiler (SODI PATENT)
    Rear: Bumper with LED brake light
    Integrated covers for the engine and rear axle, SODI Design
  • Seat:
    Fully cushioned XXL TILLETT seat
  • Engine:
    Honda 200 cc with increased performance

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